Street Photography : My Pleasure

Back in September Daniel and I went on a photo date. It was on our anniversary of when we starting hanging out...a lot. It was 15 years ago that we walked around downtown Calgary, road the C-train and, enjoyed a beautiful warm fall day. Leaves where bright yellow and still hanging on to the trees. This day reminded me of that day. 

I love the grittiness of the city and the bright neon lights that light up the sidewalks. I love the people wandering around doing what ever it is they are doing.

I used to be so intimidated by photographing strangers and now I look them in the eye and smile at them. I ask if I can take a picture...or I sneak one before I ask. And I always say thank you. Thank you for being you, and thank you for sharing yourself with me. 


“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.” - Frieda Kahlo

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River Landing is Beeeeaauuutiful!!!

I went for walk with my husband today at River Landing and it makes me so proud and grateful to have such a beautiful place to enjoy the river.

I'm always looking for new and different locations for my clients and came across quite a few just in a short distance. This was one of my fave spots. I love corners!!! 

Why do you want to be photographer?

Being a photographer is awesome!

I freeze time. I am magic. I get secret passes. I see the beauty in the everyday. I live in the present, past, and future. I forget my worries. I speak a foreign language. I document my life. I capture an amazing range of emotions. It's my creative outlet. I make art. It challenges me. I share my perspective. I express myself. I tell stories. I capture adventures. I make the best souvenirs.

It takes me places I have never been before. I can get close to what I'm interested in. It makes me feel emotion. I can make other people feel emotion. It makes people think. I can capture the essence of a person. I can remember someone who has passed away. I learn about myself. I can preserve the big moments. I can shoot anytime, anywhere. I can connect. I can capture feelings. I can help people see the beauty in themselves. I document history. It's so fucking exciting!

I dream about it. Cameras and light are tools like paintbrushes and paint. I take better photos. I can bend reality. There are infinite possibilities. I enjoy the process and love the chemistry. It's art and science mixed together. It's healing. I surprise myself. I witness love and pain. I help people express themselves. I can travel in time. I can communicate across language and culture. I make money.

It enables my love for life.

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The value of the photograph is invaluable

It is human nature to document the world around us. 
It is our own vanity to capture the beauty. 
It is cathartic to express our feelings and emotions with a photograph. 
There is no value in the photograph because the photograph is priceless. 
They are the most valuable memory keepers. 

It is not an investment,

It just is. 

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Art In The Park 2015
 Outdoor studio

Art, music, in the park, pets ... art ... activities for kids, sunshine and more art ... what an amazing day!!!

Yesterday was Art In The Park at Ashworth Holmes Park in Saskatoon. I was one of the 150 registered artists in the park from 12pm-5pm. And what a busy 5 hours that was. This was my first year and I was very impressed with the turnout. I am so surprised I had never heard of this event before and this year was their 14th Annual. And I will be happy to return next year. 

I had a tent set up for Mini Sessions in the park for that day only. It included 5 digital files and a 24x30 print. That's a very big print!!! I love big photographs :) The tent turned out to be a perfect studio with amazing lighting. I was inspired by Irving Penn, who photographed people on the fringes of modern society in his portable daylight studio. 

I also gave free photos to kids. I wanted them to have a fun time and not worry about anything except to have fun in front of the camera. I photographed kids with their faces painted, groups of siblings, old siblings with young siblings, kids that "do their own stunts", babies, twins, kids that were best friends since birth, tweens and teens. There was even a photobomber kid that jumped in front of the camera then ran away...too funny! 

Thanks to all my friends and family that stopped by for a visit. I am looking forward to next year already....I wonder what kind of studio I'll have set up???

 One of my many Muses then and now

One of my many Muses then and now

 Art in the Park 2015... I'll see you next year

Art in the Park 2015... I'll see you next year

 Photographed by my four-year-old daughter. 

Photographed by my four-year-old daughter.